Signs of Termite Damage

termitesOf all the creatures that can bury their way through wood – such as certain species of beetles and ants – the most common household variant are termites. These tiny pests, when left to grow and fester into a fully functional colony, can cause major – almost irreparable – damage to structural foundation. Which is why it’s always best to end the infestation before it can totally develop. This can be done in two ways. You can either subscribe to regular professional property inspection – which is ideal – or you can keep an eye out for signs of termite damage and call in experts to confirm.

Signs of termite damage, while fairly easy to spot, are also easily overlooked. Wood shavings and termite debris often collect overtime, but the problem is that they’re also easily swept up or vacuumed without a second thought. Weakened or damp wood is also a tell-tale sign of termites. Unfortunately, many people mistake it for water damage.

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The reason people often mistake termite damage for water damage is because they share similar signs.

  • termite controlSwollen floors
  • Buckling wood
  • Warped walls
  • Weighted ceilings

However, there are ways to tell the two apart, if you look closely enough. For example, when you see swollen or damp walls, note the area and the environment. Did it rain recently? Are there pipes or plumbing behind that wall? Is that wall exposed to dampness or water? Is there a hollow area behind that wall where water could collect? If not, there’s a good chance that the warped wall is due to termite damage. Termite infestations are also often marked by a strong, mildew-like scent: another way to tell the two damages apart. If you have your doubts, call in the professionals immediately.

Ceiling Damage

When your ceiling looks like it’s buckling or sagging, this is another great indication that you’ve got company, of the wood-nibbling kind. Termites may be subterranean, but they are not above creating colonies in the attic or in the space between floors. It’s important to be extremely vigilant about this, as weakened ceilings can spell all kinds of disaster – for the chandeliers and light fixtures hanging on the ceiling, and for the people directly beneath them.

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Carpet Damage

termite pest control melbourneTermites eat anything plant-based. While their diet typically consists of wood, they can chew fabric as well – not good news for your carpets or drapes. However, these make excellent termite signals. Once you notice holes in your carpet or curtains, call in the professionals immediately. Those kinds of things do not just happen over time.

And while you’re looking for holes, you might also want to keep your eyes peeled for odd piles of fish-scale-like objects. Chances are, they aren’t fish scales; they’re termite wings. Termites who have just completed their mating ritual typically shed their wings afterwards. If they’re comfortable enough to mate in your home, that’s a bad sign. You’ll want to head off the infestation before the mating produces results.

Wall Damage

termite damageOnce your walls start displaying wood-cut patterns you’re not familiar with, that’s a pretty good sign that something isn’t right. Termite damage usually shows easiest in walls. Swollen panels, loose plaster, wood debris in corners, and cut-out patterns are some of the more obvious signs of termite infestation. When these start showing, call in professional termite treatment services, immediately.

Foundation Damage

As termites are typically subterranean, it’s very easy for them to get to the foundation of any structure. If the support beams and pillars of your home or building are wooden, you might want to invest a little extra time in checking it periodically. Check for cracks, swollen areas, and the scent of mildew. A few preventive steps can save you thousands in both extermination and structural repair fees.

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If any of the signs seem familiar to you, call (03) 8672 3670 immediately. Expert treatment team at Termite Treatment Melbourne will be more than happy to conduct a thorough, fixed price, on-site inspection of your property to either confirm or deny your suspicions. One can never be too careful when dealing with termites. The damage they can do to your building’s aesthetic is bad enough, let alone its structural stability. Why take the risk? Call Termite Treatment Melbourne today. We guarantee termite-free property.

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