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Termite Treatment Melbourne is home to highly-experienced experts in termite protection, detection, inspection, and full-scale treatment. Our team has been eliminating termite infestation from both residential and commercial properties in the greater Melbourne area for over 5 decades, giving us years of experience of dealing with just about any infestation situation.

termite controlHere at Termite Treatment Melbourne, we believe in educating the customer so that he or she also fully understands the nuances of termite infestation, and how to best prevent it. Aside from properly storing wood or investing in treatment chemicals, we recommend that homeowners and business owners start scheduling regular, routine termite inspections. An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth more than a pound of cure, and our crew of technicians have proven themselves extremely adept at sensing and stopping an infestation before it even starts.

Which is why a regular on-site inspection – at least once or twice a year – is highly recommended. If done properly, it may save you thousands in repair and replacement fees. While some find it unnecessary, it’s always better safe than sorry. The damage an undiscovered termite colony can cause to infrastructure is almost unbelievable. Given time to thrive, a single colony can multiply quickly, easily numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

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Thorough Property Inspection

For Termite Treatment Melbourne, our customer’s concerns and preferences are top priority. We make it a point to take into account client issues and values, creating an eradication plan that is uniquely tailored to fit your property’s layout and your specific requests. Our extermination team utilises the latest in tools, treatment, and technology to ensure quick and efficient work. Once initial inspection yields results, we ensure that the source of the infestation is wiped out completely.

Property Damage

When left undetected and untreated, a termite colony can cause devastating, irreparable damage to wooden infrastructure. Things such as building foundations, pillars, and support beams and joists are especially susceptible and can lead to horrible accidents once damaged. While certain areas of your home or office that are cemented or tiled may be safe, there is no hundred percent guarantee. Termites are drawn to damp, dark area with plenty of wood.

termite damageThat being said, the material that makes up the majority of the structure can more or less dictate the frequency of a scheduled inspection. Stored timber, dry firewood, fresh tree stumps and deceased trees all make attractive options for termites to build their nests in. A good defense is the best offense, as they say; cut those pests off before they get the chance to settle down. Schedule a regular property inspection with us and we guarantee you won’t have to deal with this alone for too long. Simply call (03) 8672 3670 now — we’d love to hear from you!

However, as careful as some property owners may be, termites are sneaky, stubborn little creatures. As they’re subterranean by birth (meaning their ideal home is underground), they’re easy to miss and quick to get around. Once they severely damage the support beams, foundation, or sub-structure of your building, it can be declared unsafe or a health hazard. Regular top-to-bottom inspections can easily solve this problem before it’s even begun. There are several factors our extermination team looks for to indicate whether a termite threat is imminent or not, such as:

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Termite Wings. Termites are known to shed their wings every few seasons, in preparation for mating. This usually happens in late Summer, early Spring. If there are piles of them in certain areas, this often indicates a growing infestation. However, these aren’t as easy to spot, as they can easily be mistaken for common debris and swept away.

Termite Debris. Thankfully, the wings are not the only signs that termites leave lying around. Termite faeces, body parts (from recently deceased) and wood shavings are also good ways to track down termites. What look like common wood pellets to the untrained eye may actually be termite faeces – another thing they leave lying around and another sign of an infestation. These odd, easy-to-overlook objects can be found scattered all over the property, which is why we at Termite Treatment Melbourne insist on a completely thorough investigation.

termite infestation treatment sydneyMud Holes. Some of the other things our inspection team checks are mud holes and tube-like structures in faeces — this indicates the exit and entryways into the termite’s feeding area. However, these signs are often difficult to stop as they’re usually underneath the foundation of the house. If it’s impossible to access the foundation to make sure, our team of experts then move on to look for other possible entries. Ideal locations would be warm, dark areas such as a lean-to, a garage, or basement. The conditions in these places are perfect for a budding termite colony to thrive, and the entryways are often in subtle, well-hidden locations. Due to years of experience, knowledge, and training, our experts at Termite Treatment Melbourne can spot tell-tale signs and easily. And because not every property is the same, our crew knows how to adjust and modify their techniques to take the physical layout into account.

Weak/Spongy Wood. Wooden floors sagging and weakening are to be expected, especially for slightly aged houses. Water damage also produces damp, slightly spongy floors and walls, which is why it’s easy to write them off. However, termite-infected wood also starts to weaken and swell overtime, which is why it’s important to cover all bases. This is one of the first things our exterminators check during an inspection. Licensed, well-trained professionals often know the difference between aged wood, water damaged wood, and termite-infested wood.

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