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Termite Treatment Melbourne spares no expense to offer expert termite extermination services that are effective, affordable, and efficient. We guarantee the very best for all commercial and residential property owners in Melbourne seeking experienced and qualified termite inspection and protection. We are constantly updating our tools and techniques to fit the specific needs of our customers.

termite pest control melbourneTermite infestations are a huge problem, especially in terms of a property’s physical structure and foundation. You could lose millions of dollars in damage repairs and replacements, not to mention precious time you could have spent doing something else. While most termite infestations could have been prevented with routine inspections or a little research, the sad truth is that termites are a common problem. A small invasion may be controllable, but a full-blown infestation requires some professional help.

Thankfully, if you’re in Melbourne, professional help is available. Termite Treatment Melbourne offers the whole package – a fixed price on-site inspection, a follow-up inspection report, a treatment plan that uniquely fits your layout and specifications, and recommendations plus education on how to prevent future infestations.

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Termite Protection Melbourne

What most property owners don’t realise is that there are a number of preventive measures and steps you can do to protect your home or office from termites. They are often inexpensive yet effective, and are quite easy to implement. The best offense is a good defense, and proactively setting up defenses against impending infestations is one of the best ways you can invest in your property.

termite treatment melbourne logoHowever, once an infestation hits, it’s good to know that you can easily get rid of them too – if you’re working with the right professionals for termite control. If you can catch the infestation in the early stages, some damage might be sustained, but nothing beyond reparable. If a termite colony has been allowed to fester and thrive, unfortunately, that’s a different story altogether. The cost of extermination plus damage inspection and repair can add up to be extremely steep sums. If you’d like to avoid the headache – and financial strain – here are a few defenses you can put up.

Prevention and Protection:

  • Minimize moisture build-up in areas (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, laundry room)
  • Keep items such as wood piles and old tree stumps far away from your house
  • Lay down boundaries
  • Subscribe to routine site inspections

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Minimize Moisture Build-Up

Like most pests – or living creatures, in general – termites need a steady source of moisture or water. Areas in the house where moisture tends to build up – such as the laundry room or a basement – are ideal places for them to setup their home. Making the effort to monitor and minimize moisture and humidity in your property is an easy and effective defense against termite infestations. Invest in a ventilator or air fan for your bathroom to reduce the water build-up. Regularly check pipes, plumbing, and faucets for leaks. Include a wipe-down on sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers in your regular cleaning routine. Preventing an infestation is much easier and much less costly than controlling one.

termitesOnce you’ve set up preventive measures, go on the offensive and set bait traps for the pesky little critters. If you find yourself catching a lot more termites than you’re comfortable with, call in professional services for an investigation or check your property. Pay attention to sources of water and food for them, like damp wood or wood chips or plant debris. Check outdoor water features like your sprinkler system, spigots, or garden house. Inside, check beneath the sinks, tubs, and toilets. It may be a little tedious at first, but it’s much more preferable than the alternative, which could be a full-scale infestation.

Eliminate Termite Attractions

While wooden furniture, paneling, and tiles may look lovely, always remember that termites love it as well. Remodeling your entire infrastructure might be going overboard a bit – simply researching and paying attention to the materials you use is more than enough. There are certain wood- and plant-based materials that are specifically treated to withstand against termite nibbling, and a regular clean-up of your lawn and surrounding areas can do wonders. Be aware of the areas surrounding your property line. Remove wood debris, old stumps, and rotten logs. Keep firewood elevated or in tightly-sealed bins. Clear out deceased trees and tree stumps, as these can harbour colonies.

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Erect Boundaries

One of the most effective strategies for termite prevention is setting up traps and barriers specifically designed to repel termites. Some are physical walls, meant to keep termites out of your property. These are made of a variety of materials treated and chemically engineered to be impenetrable or unappetising to termites. Other barriers are chemical-based repellants, meant to target the health of the colony itself. Examples of these include treating concrete, foundations, sidewalks, and specific patches of soil with substances that can deter nesting and thriving of a termite colony.

There are a dozen other practical, effective, and inexpensive ways to prevent termite infestations. We here at Termite Treatment Melbourne believe in educating our customers, and we’d be more than happy to discuss the options available or best suited for your property. As licensed, qualified, and certified termite extermination professionals, we guarantee we’re the best you’ll find in the greater Melbourne area. Call (03) 8672 3670 today!

Termite Treatment Melbourne

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